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JETBROACH Side-Lock 75mm
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Model: #JETBROACH Side-Lock Type
Product ID: #371
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75mm Depth of Cut, 1-1/4" Shank
Suitable for:
* Atra Ace A-100
* BHM13075 Broach Holder
* BHM14075 Broach Holder

Manufacturer Name:  Nitto Kohki
Manufacturer Desc:  Show/Hide Description
Model No. Dia X DepthModel No. Dia. X DepthModel No.Dia. X Depth
51x75JBC51 x 7568x75JBC68 x 7585x75JBC85 x 75
52x75JBC52 x 7569x75JBC69 x 7586x75JBC86 x 75
53x75JBC53 x 7570x75JBC70 x 7587x75JBC87 x 75
54x75JBC54 x 7571x75JBC71 x 7588x75JBC88 x 75
55x75JBC55 x 7572x75JBC72 x 7589x75JBC89 x 75
56x75JBC56 x 7573x75JBC73 x 7590x75JBC90 x 75
57x75JBC57 x 7574x75JBC74 x 7591x75JBC91 x 75
58x75JBC58 x 7575x75JBC75 x 7592x75JBC92 x 75
59x75JBC59 x 7576x75JBC76 x 7593x75JBC93 x 75
60x75JBC60 x 7577x75JBC77 x 7594x75JBC94 x 75
61x75JBC61 x 7578x75JBC78 x 7595x75JBC95 x 75
62x75JBC62 x 7579x75JBC79 x 7596x75JBC96 x 75
63x75JBC63 x 7580x75JBC80 x 7597x75JBC97 x 75
64x75JBC64 x 7581x75JBC81 x 7598x75JBC98 x 75
65x75JBC65 x 7582x75JBC82 x 7599x75JBC99 x 75
66x75JBC66 x 7583x75JBC83 x 75100x75JBC100 x 75
67x75JBC67 x 7584x75JBC84 x 75
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