About Us

Nitto Kohki Australia is the sole distributor of all Nitto Kohki machines and pneumatic tools as well as couplings. Nitto Kohki strives to offer ''people-oriented'' products that leverage its power and labor-saving technology to contribute to society. We utilise our many years of experience and technical innovations to offer customers high-quality industrial engineering products responding to the diversified needs of all users. 

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We focus on providing the industry with tough tools, for tough jobs, whilst delivering benefits of operator safety and comfort of use.

From standard air fittings, fluid and gas couplings to specialized safety fittings Nitto Kohki have you covered. With stringent quality control, a prerequisite in Japanese manufacturing, these fittings have a reputation for their durability and longevity. Our market-leading range of Atra Ace magnetic-based drills is another stand-out with expertise in efficiency and consistency. These Japanese-made drills are further complimented with high precision HSS Broach cutters designed and made in our Japanese manufacturing cutter factory.

Our focus on service is also paramount and we pride ourselves on 'getting it right the first time' Our outstanding products are backed up by our extensive parts warehouse in Brisbane and regional branches in Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, ensuring we are at hand when and where you must need.

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