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Nitto Kohki Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian Importer and Distributor of NITTO KOHKI, CUPLA, ATRA, MEDO and CONTINENTAL. Our truly national operation consists of offices and or representation in Brisbane (Head Office), Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the Northern Territory. We also supply HIBROACH and JETBROACH High Speed Steel (HSS) Annular cutters.

We offer our customers high quality industrial engineering products responding to the diversified needs of users, we put our active use of technology and experience developed over many years of sustainable supply of our products to the Australian Market.

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 High quality industrial products covering a broad range of product segments truly demonstrates Nitto Kohki's capacity to deliver a diverse product range including market leading products with unmatched performance and reliability.                     The quick connect couplings "CUPLA" will quickly and securely connect/disconnect various fluid lines such as air, water, oil and chemicals.       From the extremely efficient electro-magnet, to the one touch arbor and advanced safety, the ATRA ACE range adapts to user needs while offering safety where it's needed most. Customers will experience high quality drilling edge management, designed solely around saving time and money in replacement parts and cutters, in addition to reducing user fatigue and downtime.Nitto Kohki's range of Atra Master Magnetic Drill Stands are primarily designed for use with Twist Drills and various other larger drilling applications. Each unit features a robust design with swivel bases for ease of use and large stroke capabilities to suit a wide range of applications.The new Selfer Ace HS series incorporates a low profile head design to provide the most compact unit possible for the application.Jetbroach cutters are better for faster and accurate hole results. Jetbroach cutters can be run at higher feed and speeds to produce excellent quality and accuracy of holes. These broach cutters have superior cutting time and life when compared with High Speed Steel Cutters. Medo pumps are unique products that feature a patented linear-motor-driven free piston system. Utilised in varied applications, from life supports systems to robotics.High-quality Continental PLIOVIC GS PVC Hose (meeting AS2554 Class B) crimped with Nitto's 200 Series 'One-Touch' Cuplas.




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