120 L/min

Specs & Details

Key Features
Low Power Consumption - Highly efficient blower saves energy
• Quiet Technology - High performance sound proofing gives quiet operation.
• Easy Maintenance - Only one screwdriver is needed for filter replacement.
• Oil-less Design Offering Both Dry and Clean Air
• Low Running Temperature - Energy saving design greatly reduces heating effect.
• Long Service Life with Linear Piston Technology - The rated specifications enable continuous operation for a minimum 20,000 hours.
• Light, Compact and ready-to-use design
• Easy Installation - No earthing / grounding work is required
• The sphere of applications and potential uses is swiftly growing
• High-performance compressors and vacuum pumps incorporating free-piston design are being eyed with great interest by a variety of industries
• Many models have already been widely adopted by cutting-edge industries as well as used in products closer to home, such as medical and health care equipment
• Replacement of the piston assembly can easily be performed by an authorised Service Agent
Model No. LA 120
Power Supply 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC
Rated Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Rated Pressure 0.18 bar (2.56 psig)
Operating Pressure Range 0.05-0.3 bar (0.71-4.27 psig)
Rated Airflow 120 L /min
Power Consumption 100 W / 50 Hz
  130 W / 50 Hz
Weight 9.7 kg



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